At AES, we’ve always been motivated by improving lives and making an impact in the communities where we work.

We partner with farmers, hospitals, universities, cities, youth programs and more to ensure our communities can see a happier, healthier future coming to life right before their eyes. Landowners play a key role in our communities.

We present landowners with new opportunities, such as leasing options, to capitalize on the value of their land while retaining ownership throughout the project life cycle. For many, this is a welcome complement to current land use and an opportunity to diversify their land investment while hedging against volatile commodity prices. For others, our projects offer an income stream and land-use option where none otherwise existed. 

Because at the end of each day, we care about generating positive and long-lasting impact in the communities where we work… and live.

Landowner resources

For more information about what you need to know about land leases for solar development, 

Partner with us to deliver greener, more sustainable energy solutions the world needs.

AES is actively seeking landowner partners to develop sustainable energy projects. 

Coming from all walks of life, our people share a passion for improving lives by improving the energy sector through innovation, collaboration and action. Because when we work all together, that’s when we’ll make the greatest impact to improving lives. Connect with us.

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